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  • Guidance in achieving your goals
  • Insight into yourself and life
  • Connection with your intuition, higher being and the universe
  • Less stress and struggle means more Peace of Mind
  • Support and Direction in Lifestyle changes
  • Clarity and Focus
  • Mindset Shifts to get out of reoccurring negative patterns
  • Better relationship with yourself and others
  • You’re always 100% honest

    You’re committed to doing the work

    You’re coach-able. Meaning: open to change and learning


    • Accountability
    • Routine Intention Setting
    • Structure in accomplishing your goals
    • Spiritual Practices
    • Support from me and the universe
    • 1:1 unlimited Priority with me for the duration of our time together
  • Creative exercises
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Confidence and Self esteem coaching
  • Manifestation rituals
  • Meditations
  • Resources to all I have to offer
  • I’m very unconventional. I don’t do phone calls or Skype anymore. The structure is rigid and doesn’t allow for either of us to have the freedom to live our lives. Instead, I opt for coaching through messaging of your preference (i.e. emails, FB messenger, etc). This allows for us to speak more frequently, at will, instead of having to find time for us to schedule a call together. It also allows for us both to have written reference of our coaching sessions and allows for nothing to be missed.


    You’ll also get a shared Trello board with me. This helps us to stay structured and on the same brain waves so we can progress where we need to and keep up with all of our exchanged content. New to Trello? No worries, you’ll love it.


    Pricing is $333 a month. $800 for 3 months.


    Coaching is client led. Which means we work on exactly what you need and want and as you need and want it. Each program is designed specifically for you and your unique needs. There is no “one size fits all” because no one is the same as someone else.

    Working with me one on one has tons of perks, including but not limited to all 5 of my interactive ebooks for FREE!

    $26 Value

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