15 Twitter Chats to Learn, Grow & Share

I love Twitter chats. I spend a lot of time in them because they are super valuable and super fun. They offer up a chance to:

  • Connect to like minded individuals
  • Learn something
  • Share your knowledge
  • Discuss ideas
  • Find collaborators

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for new chats and have found that they aren’t easy to find. They’re almost like an underground area of the internet as most of them are spread by word of mouth. Most of the ones I’ve come across randomly, with someone on my Twitter feed having participated in one and my seeing it by pure chance.

I became really excited one night when, upon googling Twitter chats, I came across a list of over 200! I spent nearly three hours going through them and nearly every single one was no longer in the works.

I was looking for one in my industry, the mind, body, spirit corner of the world. There were ones purely on the mind, only on the body or just on spirituality but I couldn’t find any that encapsulated all three. That’s when I decided to create my own (listed below).

Here’s a list of 16 Twitter chats that as of today (2/24/17) are very much up and operating!

The list of favorites are the ones I hang out in. The other awesome ones are the ones that I hear great things about! (They just don’t fit into my schedule)

I hope to see you in some! Talk to you there!

My Favorite Twitter Chats:


#Ambitionista is a weekly Twitter Chat designed for ambitious women in their 20s / 30s

We meet on Mondays at 5pm PST, 8pm EST.

We discuss topics ranging from career growth, feminism, relationships, finances, post-grad life, time management, spirituality, goal setting, and more. Occasional guest co-hosts 🙂 Moderated by @MiraJoleigh. It also has a Facebook group.


#SpiritChat is focused on changing the spirit with online conversations about spirituality, freedom, meditation, silence, stillness and the meaning and purpose of life. It takes place on Sundays 8am, CST and is hosted by @AjmaniK

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#ImpactMatters is an inspirational Twitter chat hosted by founder @ZacharyJeans Mondays at 7pm EST (4pm PST). They’re message is that you matter. Every little bit you do to make the world a better place matters significantly. Discovering the methods, means and mindsets that make organizations and individuals impact matter. We talk about ways we can all have an impact on the lives of others and on our world. If you’d like to take the initiative and lead by example in creating a better world for all of us to live in, this is the community for you.


People skills global Twitter chat Hashtag: #PeopleSkills is a weekly chat Sunday 10amET/3pmGMT exploring human interaction from many depths and diverse perspectives. It was founded and is hosted by Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. Now in its 5th year (2017), the chat draws more and more participants from around the globe creating broader cross-cultural exchanges and learning. For topics and more info: Visit the site. To suggest a topic, ping @KateNasser on Twitter.


#feministstory chat is a weekly Twitter chat that explores various topics from an intersectional feminist approach. It’s open to all genders and anyone who is interested in intersectional feminism. Hosted by @CameronAiren on Thursdays at 7pm CST.


#ContentWritingChat is a fun, gif filled chat held every Tuesday at 10 am, CST. They discuss and help you to learn better ways of writing, sharing, promoting content and everything in between.


#EthicalHour is a weekly twitter chat on Mondays 8pm GMT (2PM CST) for ethically-minded business owners, bloggers, social enterprises and people interested in ethical living. It is more than a chat, it is an entire network for support with leading an ethical life and growing an ethical business or blog. If you live or work with a social or environmental purpose then this chat is for you! Founder: @SianEConway


Other Awesome Twitter Chats:


#NostalgiaChat is about remembering. Some of those memories are recent, and some go back to our childhoods. Folks of all ages are welcome, since we all have fond memories.

Favorite topics we keep coming back to include:
Retro tech, Classic TV shows, Retro sci-fi, Music videos, Food (even when the topic isn’t food), Schoolhouse Rock, School Days, Physical books and handwritten notes, Pay phones, Board games, Typewriters, Trapper Keepers, vinyl records, reel-to-reel tapes, audio cassettes, 8-track tapes, CDs – whichever makes you nostalgic.

Co-founders are @BekiWeki and @JoeBugbuster, and the latter is the host.

Brian Fanzo included us in his list of “16 top Twitter chats

We’re coming-up on our 5 year anniversary!
Join us Sundays at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
During the week you can find us on Facebook.


#Bufferchat is where the Buffer community hangs out and and learns together every week on Twitter! The weekly topics range in areas from social media, to content marketing, to productivity, to self-improvement, to work culture, and everywhere in between. It’s a fun chance for hundreds of awesome people in our community to come together each week to learn a lot from each other, share their knowledge and advice with others, and build deeper connections with one another. GIFs are fully welcomed.

We have two chats every Wednesday to involve our community all over the world: 4 pm AEDT (Sydney time) and 9 am PST (San Francisco time). Check out the site to take a peek at the topic, guest and questions for the upcoming chat! – Arielle


The #TwitterSmarter chat is a weekly Twitter chat started in 2015 for entrepreneurs and business owners as well as social media marketers and managers. It’s become a welcome destination to connect, learn and share Twitter tips. The chat is hosted by Twitter Marketing Expert @MadalynSklar every Thursday at 1pm ET/10am PT. She brings an incredible line-up of guests sharing their expertise. Everyone is invited to share their tips too.

#TwitterSmarter also has a podcast!


#BizGalz is a community of women trying to change the world one step at a time. Our weekly Twitter chat is a space for women and the men who support us to share ideas, collaborate on and amplify our passions, and learn from each other’s experience. We focus on topics that impact all aspects of women’s lives, from business to home. Mondays 12pm CT/6pm BST.


Join #BizHour weekdays 2-3pm GM. We’re Part Of Chirp Ltd. We support businesses on twitter! Get listed and we’ll promote you to our networks including @BizHour


#SideHustleChat is held on Tuesdays, 8pm EST. They help you build your business and/or passion whilst juggling a full time job. Founder: @chivonjohn


#CreateLounge held on Wednesdays at 7pm, CST founded by @Kayla_hollatz, is a community for creatives. They’ll help you tap into your creativity!


#BlogElevated exists to help bloggers and online influencers in their pursuit of success. We give you the tools you need to succeed. Join us on Mondays at 9pm CST!  You can also visit the site.

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