What you need to know:

  • The #TrinityTrade Twitter Chat takes place on Saturday Mornings at 10AM, CST
  • We’ll Rotate from the topics of the Mind on one Saturday to a topic of the Body on the next and the Spirit on the next etc. For Example:

Get Involved!

  • This is a community! So feel free to interact as much as you’d like! This means:
    • Talk to me, suggest topics, questions, ideas, collaborations, whatever your magnificent mind conjures and heart desires!
    • Talk to each other!
    • Check out & follow folks who use the #TrinityTrade, they like the things you do!
    • Use the #TrinityTrade anytime you like! Use it to promote (NOT SPAM) your Mind, Body, Spirit enhancing blog posts & content! (Just not during the chat please)
  • Be Kind, Be Brave, Be you in every way!
  • Follow the official Twitter page #TrinityTrade and Turn on notifications! Or sign up above to get a single reminder before we start each Saturday! (+ possible recaps. I haven’t decided yet)

New to Twitter Chats?

No worries!

  • The host (me) will tweet a question in format: Q1 ________#TrinityTrade
  • You tweet an answer in format A1 ________ #TrinityTrade
  • Don’t forget the # so we all see it!
  • Reply, chat, learn & grow!