Learning to master the tools that the universe has provided you with will give you an advantage in every quest you dare journey on.Β Time is a tool. It is
consistent and loyal. You can always count on it and it will never let you down since it will never become damaged or broken.

If we feel rushed, stressed or pressed for time in any way it is not the tool that should be blamed. It is user error. When we look at time not as an abstract thing but as something as solid as the swords we wield, we begin to realize that there are skills to be mastered from our very existance.

We have all that is required to control this magic within us already. We need only to look within us and release the knowledge that will lead us to that which we desire to accomplish.

Don’t be a slave to your clock.

Rise up and claim your rightful place as it’s Ruler.


  • The limiting beliefs you have around time
  • TheΒ energy you’ve been admitting and how it effects your time management
  • How to prioritize without giving up the things you love
  • How to keep on the right track with as little effort as possible
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • Super simple techniques to use to maximize results
  • Intention setting sections to help you keep on track with your goals
  • A different way of looking at time
  • Lots of great insights into yourself and your world


  • 36Β page ebook/workbook
  • Fillable pdf to do on your computer or print and fill out!