Lucky for you, you’re in my realm and here, fairy tales come to life and every day is magical.

 In this reality: The world goes by faster and faster everyday, seemingly speeding up.
There’s millions of things to do, learn, have and be but accomplishing even a fraction of them is not in the cards for you, right? Life is already too busy without anything extra. People who have these amazing lives full of adventure, extreme success or luxurious things must not have any kids, real jobs or they must have won the lottery or been born into some money, right? Normal people don’t have time for such extravagances.

Do you hear yourself saying things like this? Telling people you don’t have time for this or that? Wishing you had free time to learn this, start that or even hang out with folks or take care of yourself like you’d like to?

Meditating in the morning, eating well and exercising throughout the day, having a relaxing bath at night and getting to bed at a decent time, peaceful, joyous and excited to start the next day sounds like a fairy tale.

Walk through the magical clock and enter a new reality.

One where you wake up calmly and happy to start your day of effortless flow. Where you have plenty of time to do all of the things you NEED to do and still have plenty left over for what you WANT to do. Everyone in your life is taken care of gracefully. Including yourself! You’ve never felt better because you’ve never had the time to take care of yourself like you do now!

Where you once felt trapped in all the chaos, you now feel free to explore, enjoy and embrace the world around you!

This is the life I lead. Take my hand and allow me to show you how.

Learning to master the tools that the universe has provided you with will give you an advantage in every quest you dare journey on. Time is a tool. It is
consistent and loyal. You can always count on it and it will never let you down since it will never become damaged or broken.

If we feel rushed, stressed or pressed for time in any way it is not the tool that should be blamed. It is user error. When we look at time not as an abstract thing but as something as solid as the swords we wield, we begin to realize that there are skills to be mastered from our very existence.

We have all that is required to control this magic within us already. We need only to look within ourselves and release the knowledge that will lead us to that which we desire to accomplish.

Don’t be a slave to your clock.

Rise up and claim your rightful place as it’s Ruler.


  • The limiting beliefs you have around time
  • The energy you’ve been admitting and how it effects your time management
  • How to prioritize without giving up the things you love
  • How to keep on the right track with as little effort as possible
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • Super simple techniques to use to maximize results
  • Intention setting sections to help you keep on track with your goals
  • A different way of looking at time
  • Lots of great insights into yourself and your world

What’s in This Magical Workbook?

» Evaluate Your Relationship With Time

Discover your own misconceptions, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks surrounding time. Knowing where you stand on things will help you change that which is false and amplify that which benefits you. You can’t do anything unless your mind is in the right place.

» Prioritize

Go through your day, life etc and evaluate what is important to you. What is busy work and what is necessary. Often we fill our time with things that are literally doing nothing but filling our time. In this section you’ll learn how to release that which doesn’t serve you so that you can better focus on that which does.

» Mindfulness

This will teach you how to evaluate everything from here on out. How to think about the things you decide to fill your time with. How to stay in alignment with life.

» Conquer Perfectionism

The title of this one pretty much defines itself. Perfectionism is the time thief in many of our lives.

» Get Organized

This one also pretty well defines itself. How much time do you waste looking for things or thinking about things. I call the time stuck wondering what to do next “Limbo.” You want to avoid getting stuck in Limbo. Time ticks by faster there, wasting away.

» Find your Productivity Happiness Quota

Not everything can be done in one day. This section will help you find the amount of what needs to be done on any given day.

» Minimalism

This is my method of freeing up even more time!

» Routine

This section will help you further avoid Limbo and figure out how to manage what’s in your life and add new things if you do so desire.

» Take care of yourself

Self care better helps not lose time by recuperating from being sick.

» Meditate

Many successful people credit this as the most important thing they do every day. You can’t do anything properly unless your mind is in the right place.

» Gratitude

This is another mindset thing that also helps in raising vibrations and manifesting easily and effortlessly.

» You’re Just One Person

Life is a team sport. No one person should have to do it all. This section will teach you how to delegate, get help and teach the people in your life how to do things that benefit everyone!


  • 36 page ebook/workbook
  • Fillable pdf to do on your computer or print and fill out!

How This Book Was Born

I’m a “work smarter not harder” type of person. Always have been.

Our most valuable asset is time. Money is only a valuation of time since you spend time to get the money (usually). This leaves us with a choice in everything we do. Would I rather spend time and have more money or spend money and have more time? When you think of things in this point of view, life really starts to change and improve for you.

Both time and money allow us to live the life we truly desire. But sometimes one out ways the other. We focus too much on the physical possession of money and not on what it can give us. When we ask ourselves what we truly and deeply desire to have, most of us answer things along the lines of:

  • More time
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Options
  • Peace

We know that having more money is the way to get these things but we lose the in between parts of using the money to create more of these outcomes for ourselves and generally get lost in the “getting money” part of the equation.

For example, I bought a roomba because it saves me tons of time in cleaning my floors. I also bought a google home because it cuts tons of time on minor tasks like looking things up, checking the weather and making grocery lists. I invest in coaching and learning materials because it helps me manifest my end goals easier, quicker and more effortlessly.

I wrote this ebook/workbook to share with you the things I have learned. To help you live a life with more effortless flow and abundance in all the areas you desire. Because the number one thing I hear from people about why they do or don’t do things is “I don’t have the time”.