6 Spiritual Practices to Create a Solid Spiritual Foundation

Spirituality was a big piece of me that I suppressed for a long time. Only when I finally learned to embrace it did I ever feel whole and at peace.

It’s changed me for the best and I am forever grateful for it. It guides me through every aspect of my life and helps me to guide others. I’ve adopted some spiritual practices that have laid the ground work for me to build myself upon. Spiritual practices help us to feel more connected and grounded to everything that resides in the universe we share. 

Intention Setting

Every morning, I think about what I want to do that day. Everything I want to accomplish. Aspects of myself, my business or my life that I want to work on. Things I wish to manifest.

I plan out in a general sense, what I want my day to be like and set intentions based on what the plans look like.

I post them on twitter and on tumblr, as my way of morning routine/ritual. I also try and set several intentions at least quarterly although monthly is a great practice and honestly the more intentions you set the more focused and aligned your manifesting is going to be.

You can download my free weekly intentions planner here. It’ll help you stay focused on what you wish to accomplish.

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I could go on 100 different tangents about meditation. It’s the single most important thing I do and most people who practice it would tell you the same thing.

It helps me to clear out the chaos of my mind and just focus on existing. When we allow all the noise to leave us and embrace the silence that ensues, the universe speaks to us in knowledge, ideas, creativity, innovations and self awareness.

All the answers you seek to life are within you. You need only to train your mind to hush, listen and learn.

Energy Clearing

Everything in the universe, everything, is swirling energy. The only thing that separates you from the electronic device you’re reading this on is the frequency at which you and it vibrate.

You have pools of swirling energy in the pathways of your body that influence every aspect of you called chakras. These pools become blocked by situations and circumstances that we come into contact with.

Clearing these blocks has helped me to overcome some of my hardest battles and struggles in life. Through clearing energy blocks I have been able to become a more balanced and stable person who’s capable of living a great life, helping others.

Energy Management

We send out vibrations into the world and we receive vibrations that influence us. The energy we send out is the type of energy we get in return. Like attracts like.

By learning to control the energy I put out into the world, I can attract the types of things I desire.

By placing energy barriers around me, I can allow only good energy in to reach me and I can keep negative energy from influencing my emotions, thoughts and feelings.

This is especially useful since I’m an empath.


When we practice gratitude, we’re essentially noticing and paying thanks to all of the good things and people in our lives. When we notice all of the good things in our lives that we have to be thankful for, we’re happier.

Happier also means higher vibrations which means we manifest what we want easier and faster. Like attracts like and the more good stuff we notice, the more good stuff we’ll receive.

I set a daily gratitude every morning with my intention as well as a daily affirmation to keep my mind straight. My weekly intention planner has these aspects to it as well. Get it here.


Mindfulness means noticing everything around you all of the time. Being aware of your surroundings, being aware of the ripples you cause throughout the world with everything you touch. 

This helps me to make better decisions. Through it, I can improve my self, my life, my relationships and my world.

Spirituality Has Many Faces

These are the spiritual practices I’ve more or less mastered. It is doubtful I’ll ever stop learning and growing, though, as I’m a bit of a learn-aholic.

As of current, I’ve started taking tai chi as well as yoga classes (I’ve studied yoga for years but never formally until now). I’m slowly learning astrology as well as crystal healing.

I’m working to further develop my intuition and any other gifts I’ve been given. I’m learning about more and more spiritual practices every day and can’t wait to share them all with you.

Define Spirituality For Yourself

Spirituality is pure freedom and is defined on a personal level with what specifically resonates with you. It has many paths and tools and spiritual practices can be both adopted and created. You are truly unlimited to the possibilities. 

I encourage you to embrace your own spirituality. However that may be defined for you specifically. When we learn to treat ourselves as a whole, meaning not only caring for our body and our mind, but our spirit as well, the world becomes limitless for us.

We become limitless in our capabilities to walk the earth, manifesting what we desire to the fullest and inspiring others to stop hiding in the shadows and embrace themselves as well.

Allow the light to guide you.

Best Vibes Always,


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