”If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.”

-Nikola Tesla


We have become physical beings. A vast amount of us have abandoned our spiritual self. Something that once defined us as a species has been pushed to the way side as though it isn’t important. Replaced with religion and superstition. Both of which are fear based.

I’m not knocking religion. It is very important to have beliefs in higher powers. Spirituality is another category in itself. It is pure freedom in a world that can be manipulated by you. Limitless capabilities of innovations that can effect not only you but your entire world. Our entire world. Like a ripple in a lake you can cause change in a grand scale with the smallest of acts. Most of our world is created by default ripples. Powerful beings existing with us, unaware of the events they are influencing, creating around them with their thoughts, energy and actions.

Energy is all around us. Everything is made of energy and vibrates at a specific rate. Energy can be neither lost nor created. Though it can be transferred. It can be manipulated. We, as energy beings, can consciously manipulate this energy as we see fit through our own vibrations and frequencies. It is knowledge that our ancestors were well aware of. Knowledge that became almost taboo in parts of the world and history but never disappeared. It’s something that can come as naturally as breathing if you allow yourself to embrace and practice it. It doesn’t require tools or knowledge, though both can be used as extensions. Everything you need is already within you. You are already using your magic, by default. Learn to control it and you can have everything you have ever wanted to have, do or be.




arrow-purpleHow becoming a Spirit Soldier works:

We will explore all of the beliefs you hold and pin point which ones are holding you back from creating the reality you desire. We will clear and transmute all limiting blocks you hold so that you may allow your spiritual self to be free and unconfined to the limits of your body. Giving you full permission to touch all aspects of your life with your manifesting magic. Together we will conquer all negativities in your life so that you can:

  • Find Peace and Happiness
  • Find Acceptance for yourself, your world and others
  • Manifest the life you wish to live
  • Become more connected to your purpose, others and higher power

When you understand the world around you and how you have the power to influence it, a universe of possibilities and opportunities present themselves to you. You become capable of positively influencing situations, circumstances and relationships in your life as well as helping others in theirs. After all, we are all connected.


  • 6 months of personalized, one on one coaching through Facebook messenger, emails and Trello
  • You’ll get worksheets to answer so I can get a feel for you, where your at and where we’re going
  • Your own personalized Trello board with weekly tasks, goals and training as needed! (Not familiar with Trello? No worries. We’ll work it out)

No two people are the same, which means you won’t be treated as a one size fits all category that falls into a box. Every program is designed specifically to  YOU and your unique brilliance. Covering everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’ll work on your personal development, goals and limitless growth at your pace.

We’ll cover:

  • Energy Flow and Energy Blocks
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Law of Attraction
  • Trust in your self, intuition and instincts


2 spots currently open




chakra-enchanter-cover-smallerChakra Enchanter Ebook/Workbook ($33 Value)

Discover the seven main chakras and their influence on you and your world. Energy flows to every aspect of ourselves and our world. Influencing our lives based on the ease at which it flows.

When blocks occur in your energy flow, negative manifestations can be seen in your physical and mental health as well as your quality of life. In this 85 page ebook/workbook, learn how to heal your blocks and restore your flow of energy so that you can easily and effortlessly thrive and live in abundance.


  • What energy blocks are and how to identify them
  • How each chakra affects your life
  • Your own unique story for each chakra
  • How you can heal your blocks and the problems that came with them
  • Meditations to help you train your mind and connect to your chakras

 Personalized Meditation ($140 value)

Get a personal guided meditation made specifically for you and your mindset, goals and needs to help keep you focused, aligned and on the right energy wave and vibrations!



Respect Gained

“The first thing that I was taken by was her beautiful and bubbly personality, she greeted me with such warm acceptance and understanding. What really resonated with me was her ability to relate to my circumstance in every way and make me feel at ease to discuss my problems. More importantly, she created a safe and private place for me to express my emotions.
What a great listener! In her replies, I could tell she had a brilliant fountain of knowledge and was able to tap into that but also relay the information in an understandable way.
We got to talking and Savannah was able to instantly come up with a brilliant plan for me to do what I love as a day job and still pursue my dream. By that I mean she had already analyzed my strengths, providing me with a goal to achieve that takes advantage of those strengths. I was amazed because it was a strength I hadn’t ever paid attention to.
~ Sometimes it takes the keen eye of another to spot them and help you nurture them to it’s fullest potential. ~
This is what Savannah has helped and continues to help me achieve. So excited for the future and to be working with her.

Thanks to her guidance & awesome networking skills, I am proud to say that, with regards to the strength I mentioned, I’ve just landed my First client this week! And have also just received payment not once but twice! Woooohooo! A fantastic start to something with endless imagepossibilities!

I am and will always be beyond grateful for her unique brand of empowerment and coaching.
I sincerely & highly recommend Savannah S. Blake as a Life Coach.
Don’t wait, empower yourself today! Amazing opportunities await just beyond your horizon, let her help you discover them.”

Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu





How I came to be a Spirit Soldier


snow profile pictureI grew up in a Church of Christ. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s one of the stricter branches of Christianity. We went to church every Sunday morning without fail and on Sunday and Wednesday nights often. Growing up in a town of just a few hundred, where everyone knew everyone and most everyone was related, this is all I knew. The church itself was in the woods, with a gravel parking lot and road that led to it. Probably less than 50 people belonged to it.

I never resonated with any of it though. I felt confused at the concepts and lost at the inconsistencies in what was being taught and what was being carried out by the devotees. It seemed to me that everyone went just to socialize and talk bad about the people who weren’t currently present. I didn’t understand, from an early age, why they spoke this way of people when acceptance and love was being taught. This turned me to dislike religion and since this was the only one I knew of, and the only one that was really practiced in my town (or accepted), I wondered lost for many years.

It felt as though a piece of me was missing. A large part of who I was that I wasn’t allowed to express. I was always drawn to magic, spirits and other worldly type things and even though these types of things were accepted and believed in my house hold by my mother and grandmothers, they were taboo and not to be spoken about with other people. Basically, my grandmothers and my mother would listen to me speak about them, tell me their own stories and then hush me around other people. My father, a very Christian man, would become angry at the mention of anything as such.

So I became more confused, with questions that no one could answer for me. Didn’t the bible talk about spirits and magic? Why does religion teach acceptance and love but mostly cause hate, division and war? Where do the dinosaurs fit in?!

When I became an adult, after I was married, I discovered yoga. It had benefits I had never imagined. It treated people as a whole; Mind, Body and Soul. It awakened me to a world of knowledge that was new to me, yet ancient to many cultures. It led me to meditation and spirituality and completed me as a person. I no longer felt fractured, broken or lost.

You know how surveys want you to fill out your religious orientation? I never knew what to put here before, so I had always reluctantly marked Christian because I knew nothing else. I suddenly knew who I was! I was spiritual! It was the most liberating feeling. Though it took me a few years to embrace it, since I had always been treated as though it was taboo and since I knew no one else like this at the time. Everyone in my life was either deeply religious or mostly uninterested.

I have since learned to unapologetically embrace it because it is who I am. I believe in full acceptance of people, no matter their anything, just as they are. This means accepting myself as well. For exactly who I am. It is about exploring myself and my full capabilities as a spiritual being. It is about looking within myself and improving myself, my world and others. I hope to help you embrace your full spiritual self as well so that you may live a magical life full of light, love and joy. We were not meant to be shamed, contained and limited.