100 Ways to Practice Self Care

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I am a huge believer in self care. Life throws problems at you and some can be really hard to handle. We lose our way and sometimes aren’t sure which way to turn or what to do.

Every time I’ve found myself in a difficult position in life, I immerse myself in radical self care and always always come out the other end of it in a way better place in life. Figuring out what to do in difficult situations is hard, but focusing on taking care of yourself like exercising or eating (just as a start) gives you a solid goal to work toward that consequently helps you to see life clearer, thus making better decisions and interacting with your world in a more positive manner which generally fixes most problems. Seriously, most.

Most of us are really bad at knowing how to take care of ourselves though, for various reasons. So I’ve compiled a big list of self care things to get you started:

  1. Compliment yourself
  2. Eat something healthy
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Exercise
  5. Stretch
  6. Take a nap
  7. Sit and rest
  8. Meditate
  9. Drink some water
  10. Have some herbal tea
  11. Put on some lotion
  12. Wash your face
  13. Take a shower
  14. Get a haircut
  15. Get a massage
  16. Get a pedicure
  17. Get a Manicure
  18. Have a full blown spa day
  19. Go to bed early
  20. Breathe
  21. Say no to distasteful things
  22. Buy yourself a treat
  23. Detox your self care products
  24. Detox your environment
  25. Clean your living space
  26. Wear clothes that make you feel nice
  27. Have fun
  28. Do something that makes you happy
  29. Get away from toxic people
  30. Protect your energy
  31. Take your vitamins
  32. Hug someone
  33. Talk about your feelings
  34. Light some candles
  35. Diffuse some essential oils
  36. Practice gratitude
  37. Set goals for improvement
  38. Connect to your spirituality
  39. Be kind to others
  40. Manage your stress
  41. Stand up for yourself
  42. Take a bath
  43. Take an herbal detox bath
  44. Put on a cleansing face mask
  45. Make time to unplug
  46. Set intentions for how you want to feel
  47. Spend time with loved ones
  48. Have deep conversations
  49. Clear and balance your chakras
  50. Let in some fresh air
  51. Cleanse stale energy from your surroundings
  52. Burn some sage
  53. Eat properly on a regular basis
  54. Don’t be hard on yourself
  55. Forgive yourself
  56. Forgive others
  57. Create something
  58. Play
  59. Journal
  60. Sing
  61. Spend time outside
  62. Stay hydrated
  63. Exercise your imagination
  64. Be a good friend
  65. Live your truth
  66. Speak your truth
  67. Do what’s right
  68. Encourage others
  69. Encourage yourself
  70. Search for inspiration
  71. Surround yourself with positive energy
  72. Look for the beauty in everything
  73. Start small. It doesn’t have to be extravagant
  74. Reflect on your decisions & beliefs
  75. Seek improvement in everything
  76. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you
  77. Let go of the past
  78. Throw out or donate clutter
  79. Try minimalism
  80. Practice meatless Monday
  81. Learn something
  82. Ask for help
  83. Join communities
  84. Participate in things
  85. Speak up
  86. Tell your story
  87. Share your thoughts, ideas & opinions
  88. Cut your nails
  89. Explore your wants, needs & desires
  90. Get to know yourself
  91. Learn to love yourself
  92. Make good financial decisions
  93. Get a mentor/Find a support system
  94. Adopt good posture
  95. Try crystal healing
  96. Pray
  97. Put yourself first
  98. Laugh
  99. Read a book
  100. Watch a movie

When we thoroughly take care of ourselves we can better take care of everyone around us. Self care isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. It allows us to see things clearer and from different perspectives which means we make better decisions. It helps us to be healthier, have more energy and be able to do all of the things we wish we could do.

Give yourself permission.

  • You have permission to put yourself first
  • You have permission to take a break.
  • You do enough.
  • You are enough.
  • It’ll get done if it needs to be done.
  • You can rest.

Use these affirmations. Come up with your own if you like. Hang them up where you’ll see them often and repeat them. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you could ever make a habit of and when you do, your world begins to align, balance and improve.

Best Vibes Always,


Can you come up with some affirmations or self care items for us? Drop them in the comments below!

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