“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”



If you did a poll with the question, “What holds you back from accomplishing everything you wish to do, have and be?”, most likely you would get answers such as:

  • Not enough money
  • Not enough time
  • I don’t know how
  • I could never because insert excuse here

The truth is, the only thing holding any of us back from accomplishing anything is ourselves. It is our beliefs that keep us from succeeding. The belief that you don’t have enough time, enough money, enough resources. When we believe these things, the universe works to prove us correct. It’s the law of attraction and like attracts like. That’s all it is though, a belief, and beliefs can be changed.

They say that believing you can accomplish something is half way to getting there. I believe the 2nd half is simply not giving up. Through believing I can accomplish something and then simply not giving up in my pursuit of it, I have successfully manifested or am in the process of manifesting all that I have ever wanted in life!

There’s nothing any more special about me that everyone else doesn’t possess. I wasn’t born into money, I didn’t have anything handed to me. Nor did I have to work crazy hard to get any of what I have. Everything that I have accomplished is 100% accomplishable for you as well. The only things you need is belief in yourself and your abilities and the perseverance to not give up on them.

Your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions. Your actions create the world in which you live. This is how your mind creates your reality.

It’s easier to create excuses and believe in them than it is to train yourself to do something differently than it has always done. As humans, change makes us uncomfortable. We desire things to be predictable. To stay in the routine that has always “worked” for us. Is it working, really, though? Are you thriving in every way that you wish? Do you have the house you want, the bank account, the experiences and the things you desire? You have everything in your life you could ever possibly want? Including the ideal picture of yourself you have always dreamed of?

If so, GREAT. I desire just that for everyone and I would want you to have no less than exactly everything you could ever want. To be perfectly content with a life full of love, joy and peace both inside and out is something I believe everyone deserves.

If there are things in your life that are less than up to par, it’s probably because of some mindset blocks. We all have them! No one is without some blocks somewhere interfering with life. Recognizing them, though, is the first step in correcting them. When they are corrected, you go instantly from something standing in your way straight to finding a way to overcome any obstacle.

Anything that you can imagine you would like to do has probably already been done. If it has already been done, that means there is a way to do it. If it hasn’t been done, it only means there is something for you to create, because where no way exists there are only ways that have not yet been discovered.

You are just as capable as anyone else to be a millionaire, an inventor, a world changer. Every great person that has ever come before us was just that. A person.

All things are possible when you know how to utilize the greatest tool you have ever been given. Your mind.





How becoming a Mind Master works:

We will explore the false limitations that the world has led you to believe are true. Through this we will be able to identify all that stands in your way. Together, we will conquer:

  • Abundance Blocks
  • Confidence Problems
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Motivation Issues
  • Prioritizing

Through pin pointing the exact blocks that hold you back and the source that created them, we can destroy their existence and leave you freer than you’ve ever felt. We’ll be able to get you on a well lit path of clarity to accomplishing everything you’ve ever wanted. With the ability to conquer all that stands in your way, you’ll be able to enjoy life in peace, happiness and abundance!


  • 6 months of personalized, one on one coaching through Facebook messenger, emails and Trello
  • You’ll get worksheets to answer so I can get a feel for you, where your at and where we’re going
  • Your own personalized Trello board with weekly tasks, goals and training as needed! (Not familiar with Trello? No worries. We’ll work it out)

No two people are the same, which means you won’t be treated as a one size fits all category that falls into a box. Every program is designed specifically to  YOU and your unique brilliance. Covering everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’ll work on your personal development, goals and limitless growth at your pace.

We’ll cover:

  • Limitations and mindset blocks
  • Detox of all the things that aren’t benefiting you
  • Mindfulness
  • Self worth
  • Money Mindset


2 available spots open





Abundance Prospectus Ebook/Workbook ($18 Value)

Explore the roots of what is causing your scarcity mindset in this 45 page ebook/workbook. Discover your money story and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you desire.

You can reprogram your mindset and get on the wave lengths it takes to live a life of abundance. There are only two types of things in this world:

  1. That which has been done.
  2. That which has not yet been done.

That which has been done can be learned. That which has not leaves a world of possibilities open to you if you’re brave enough to pursue them.


  • The mindset that all successful and abundant people have
  • How to make changes in your life to allow the flow of abundance
  • Steps you can take to create your ideal life
  • Meditations to help break through your barriers
  • Limiting beliefs that hold you back from having everything you desire
  • Practices to incorporate into your daily life to keep growing and moving toward all that you wish to manifest

Personalized Meditation ($140 value)

Get a personal guided meditation made specifically for you and your mindset, goals and needs to help keep you focused, aligned and on the right energy wave and vibrations!



Respect Gained

“The first thing that I was taken by was her beautiful and bubbly personality, she greeted me with such warm acceptance and understanding. What really resonated with me was her ability to relate to my circumstance in every way and make me feel at ease to discuss my problems. More importantly, she created a safe and private place for me to express my emotions.
What a great listener! In her replies, I could tell she had a brilliant fountain of knowledge and was able to tap into that but also relay the information in an understandable way.
We got to talking and Savannah was able to instantly come up with a brilliant plan for me to do what I love as a day job and still pursue my dream. By that I mean she had already analyzed my strengths, providing me with a goal to achieve that takes advantage of those strengths. I was amazed because it was a strength I hadn’t ever paid attention to.
~ Sometimes it takes the keen eye of another to spot them and help you nurture them to it’s fullest potential. ~
This is what Savannah has helped and continues to help me achieve. So excited for the future and to be working with her.

Thanks to her guidance & awesome networking skills, I am proud to say that, with regards to the strength I mentioned, I’ve just landed my First client this week! And have also just received payment not once but twice! Woooohooo! A fantastic start to something with endless imagepossibilities!

I am and will always be beyond grateful for her unique brand of empowerment and coaching.
I sincerely & highly recommend Savannah S. Blake as a Life Coach.
Don’t wait, empower yourself today! Amazing opportunities await just beyond your horizon, let her help you discover them.”

Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu





How I came to Master my own Mind


snow profile pictureI battled a lot of  problems most of my life.

  • Severe Anxiety
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Zero Confidence

I was picked on and bullied through all aspects of life and terrified to talk to anyone because of it. I sat quietly in the corner, minding my own business and watching everyone else participate in life. I didn’t join in, didn’t have friends. Alone was where safety was. So I kept my head down, followed the rules and lived a very unremarkable life, never taking chances, never trying anything new. I was on the fast track to be an average, lower class, college drop out. Stuck in a small town of a few hundred people where you could trace the roots of my ancestors all the way back to the invasion of the Europeans.

I was a dreamer who’s dreams would never be seen beyond the pages of notebooks. A writer whose stories and thoughts would never be enjoyed by anyone who wasn’t close to me. I hid my brilliance, my insights, my abilities from the world. Unaccepted and outcast by those in my life because the way I saw the world was different from the perception of everyone around me. I was convinced that I was flawed. Something was desperately wrong with me. Why couldn’t I fit in anywhere? Why couldn’t I see things the way everyone else saw them? Why couldn’t I just conform?

I wanted so desperately to belong somewhere that I began studying how to cure my flaws. Through mindset work I was able to cure all of the problems that my life had manifested within me.

  • I went from being physically unable to speak to someone I wasn’t close with, to being able to not only speak with but crack jokes with complete strangers!
  • I went from unable to participate in any sort of group setting to actively pursuing and even creating opportunities for others to join!
  • I started my own business.
  • I’m actively trying to make the world a better place.
  • I spent the better part of 7 years as a hermit, afraid to leave my house. I now go places for no reason other than to get out.
  • I also spent the better part of 7 years terrified to drive a vehicle. I now drive myself everywhere and even offer to drive others!
  • I have conquered all of my anxieties.
  • I have conquered all self esteem problems.
  • I have crazy amounts of confidence.

See, the problem was, I was insatiably curious. I asked too many questions. If I didn’t agree with the way something was, I would dissect it, debate it, study it from every angle until I understood it. This gave me an edge because if you can fully understand something, you can change it, improve it or innovate it all together. I didn’t accept things as they were. I saw the world in it’s vastness and all of the possibilities that surrounded us. The problem wasn’t that I was different. My gift was that I was different. But it took me a long time to come to this conclusion on my own. I want to offer you the opportunity to not have to do it alone. Together we can conquer all of the beliefs and limitations that stand in between you and everything you have ever dreamed of!