June Intentions + May Reflections

May’s Intentions

I intend that I work harder on mastering the forearm stand.

I definitely worked harder on it! I still haven’t done it yet haha but my yoga instructor even exclaimed one day, “It’s happening!” So I’ll get it.

I intend that I have my chakra tattoos.

I got them!

I intend that all of my worries be released and I hold eternal peace in my heart.

I love coming across intentions I made and forgot about. Like this one. It really shows the power of intention setting because it happened without me ever putting any effort into it. I set the intention and then left it to be. Trusting that the universe would take care of it and it did.

All this “hustle hustle work hard” stuff only applies if you believe it’s the only way. Believe in effortless flow and effortless flow is what you’ll have.

I intend that all of my desires manifest easily and effortlessly.

Gosh, this is vague. haha I can’t really tell if you if they did or didn’t cause I didn’t specify anything. The universe probably scratched it’s head at this one. I guess they manifested. All of these intentions are on the positive side of things. Plus I had a great birthday (May 9th) and went to the Renaissance fair! I had a wonderful month!

I intend that I soak up all the wonderful weather that is presented to me.

I do spend most of my time outside. It was cold some days and stormy others so this month hasn’t been spent outside as much as usual but still, every chance I get.

I intend that I get all of the work done for my new project “30 days of self care” easily, effortlessly and joyfully.

I did! Well, there’s still some finishing touches that need to be done but they’re all super minor and I’ll get to them. The fact that I’m not in a hurry to get to them shows the effortlessness and easiness of it. Oh and it went from “30 days of self care” to the much more aligned and better “30 days of consistently higher vibes” which will help you find your own joy and effortless flow! You can sign up for it here. I think it turned out wonderfully!

I intend that #SaveSomethingSunday touch hearts and inspire change.

I guess I can’t really tell you if this one has or hasn’t since no one’s specifically came and told me it has haha.

I intend that I have some new yoga outfits.

I got these awesome tights that are shorts! I didn’t know they made them until I found them whilst looking for some yoga shorts! So now all of my yoga troubles are solved! Cause I needed something cooler since it’s getting hot out. I need 5 more pair (not really, minimalism) so I can wear them under all of my shorts!

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I intend I record some videos! (tell me in the comments what you want to see content on!)

Yeah. Didn’t do this. Thought about it a lot but you know what? It’s just not something I enjoy. I have to find time when my toddler isn’t home so I’m not interrupted, drag all of my equipment out and set it up, do a couple of takes at least because I don’t know how to edit the things AND make sure I’m showered and presentable. Bleh. It’s a lot of work and it just doesn’t fit into my life right now. Which is cool.


If I am peaceful within, my life will reflect peace. As within, so without.

Recap of this month’s posts:

June’s Intentions

I intend that I be published by Mind Body Green

I intend that I sign a new client or two. (If you’re interested in 1 on 1 coaching with me, email me: Savannah@Vannasana.com)

I intend that I do some resting, relaxing and enjoying life.

I intend that I edit some pages and old posts.

I intend that I focus on minimalism.

I intend that I eat less meat.

I intend that I get some projects around the house at least in the works.

I intend that I learn more about crystals.


I am in complete alignment with my true and higher being. Only that which aligns enters my life & all that doesn’t is released

What are your intentions for this month?! Tell me in the comments below!

Best Vibes Always,


P.S. Just as a heads up, this will be the last monthly intentions posts as I’ve been setting my intentions not via month lately but with cycles of the moon. Still a month’s duration but happening a week or so before the start of a new month. So you’ll be getting new moon intentions from now on! Better energy! More alignment and connection to the universe!

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