March’s Intentions + Reflections of February

Happy March!

It’s time to set March’s intentions and reflect upon February’s! How exciting it is see what’s manifested this past month and what the next one holds! If you wanna read February’s intentions post it’s here, but I’m going to break it down for you here ⇓ I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me what manifested for you this past month or what you plan on manifesting this month!

February’s Intentions

I intend that I create a Twitter Chat.

» I did! It launches in just a couple of days! On March 4th and will be held from now on out on Saturday mornings 10am, CST. It’s called #TrinityTrade and you can find more details about it on this handy dandy page I created for it.

I intend that I create an Instagram detox challenge.

» I am! This is in the works. Lots of works. All I can tell you right now is that it’ll launch on March 20th (Coinciding with the first day of spring and Equinox) and it’s about cleansing the mind, body and spirit. It’ll have daily email prompts for about 6 days in a row where I’ll tell you/teach you a way of cleansing one of the 3 and you’ll post a corresponding picture on Instagram with a specified hashtag!

You can sign up here.

I intend that I grow my email list.

» Ya know, I’m not even 100% sure how I did it but it’s went from a couple of people a week to 5ish+ a day. It’s great and seems to be steadily improving!

I intend that I build and create with a community focus.

» This kinda falls into the Twitter chat and Instagram challenge progress. Although the amazing Kristen Jett created this awesome Woo Your Wealth Challenge in her Facebook group and I put a lot of time into creating things for that everyday. That counts, right?

I intend that I create more collaborations.

» I created a Twitter chat compilation post and had to work with the founders of a lot of chats to get it put together! One of which invited me to be a co-host on his chat this month!

I also joined a group board on Pinterest and had a guest post on my site.

I intend that I blog more.

» I am indeed blogging more! Woot. In February I created 3 posts and had 1 guest post!


I am now open to receive both abundance and everything I need to create everything I dream of.

March’s Intentions

I intend finish the Instagram challenge content easily and effortlessly with plenty of time to spare.

I intend to continue to explore collaborations.

I intend that I continue to release all that no longer serves me.

I intend that I have an ottoman.

I intend that I do some gardening.

I intend that I figure this composting out!


All that I touch grows and flourishes.

Sometimes we can get caught up in intending things for the world or for our professional lives. I know for a while I had a hard time setting intentions for myself (especially publicly). I felt I was being selfish. The truth is though, is that I was holding myself back.

There’s enough manifesting power in the universe for personal desires. When we deny ourselves the things we desire we lower our vibes and dampen our manifesting power. So never forget to throw in some intentions for you and only you!

So comment below and tell me your intentions for this month!!!

Best Vibes Always,


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