Close your eyes (but not really, cause you have to read, right?) and let’s dive into a story. A story where the color is dull, the air and atmosphere stuffy and stale. You’re the main character here. Trapped and unimpressed with this world you’re in. Going through the predictable motions of the day, nothing vibrant happens here. Can you feel it? See it? Are you there?

Now imagine you come across a treasure chest. It’s obviously not from this world that you know. Although wooden, and embellished with nothing more than bronze bracing it together, it seems bright, magical. It stands out obviously against it’s dull setting, inviting you to open it.

It isn’t locked, you open it right up and it’s filled with golden scrolls. You pick one up and see the color brighten from your fingertips up your arm. It has an energy to it, you can feel it’s vibrations radiating through you. You pick up another, and another. They’re all like this. Clearly mystical, otherworldly but undoubtedly good. They’re transforming your world with every one that you touch, every one that you read.

As you read the words upon them, you can feel the warm, vibrant energy flow through your eyes with every word, becoming one with your very essence. You’ll never be the same. Each one contains a secret to vibrancy. How to turn an average world into a magical one. How to transform your very being into that of a magnificent version of yourself. This is the answer to all of your dreams, wishes and desires. This is your escape from the unsatisfying world you’ve been caged into.

The #HighVibeScrolls

Side Effects of This Free Email Challenge May Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • More Energy
  • Happiness
  • Alignment
  • Flow
  • Vibrancy
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Easier Manifesting

  • Inner Peace
  • More Control
  • Direction
  • Magic


Your vibes are always high.

Low frequencies are repelled from your orbit.

You’re manifesting abundance and desires left and right cause you’re so damn in tune.

Only that which aligns with your soul is welcomed here.



Each Day you’ll receive a short piece of the puzzle, each one helping you raise your vibes a little bit more!

  • A worksheet or two!
  • Meditations
  • PDFs
  • A Gratitude Journal
  • A Food Journal
  • An Affirmation Background Download for Your Phone!
  • Who Knows What Else!?

30 Days of High Vibing Habits:

Learn how to raise your vibrations so that you can live a life of wholeness, happiness and effortless flow!

Manifesting your desires like you know the Accio charm.


Raise Your Vibes!