February’s Intentions + Reflections of the Previous

Happy February!

I don’t normally set intentions for the month. I set them every morning and then sometimes quarterly. I’m more of a freedom enthusiast who lives moment to moment ish and for a long time, setting intentions every month to me seemed more like an obligation than something I wanted to do.

I believe I’d like to start doing them though, so we’re gonna try this out.

Let’s begin by reflecting on what my intentions were went I last set quarterly ones, and we’ll go from there.

Reflection of Fall’s Intentions

I intend that my business finds it’s stability.

» My business did, indeed, find it’s stability! I began working with the amazing Kristen Jett, a business coach and she helped me to straighten out all of the chaos and figure out where I needed to focus my time and energy. Before her, I was spending every waking hour working on my business and not seeing much (if any) return. Since working with her, I have direction, stability and way more free time than I ever did. I’m working WAY less. Only a 2-4 hours a day and seeing a ton of growth!

I intend that we live in absolute abundance.

» We do live in abundance! I dunno if it’s thoroughly absolute just yet but it’s pretty darn close. We have zero money issues now. I use to stress over it to the point of anxiety attacks. Now I’ve got a freeing since of stability. I feel like we have more than we can ever use! And we do!

I intend that my creative juices continue to flow effortlessly.

» My creative juices have been on nonstop flow. Heavy flow. Closely resembling a river. Since Fall, I’ve created:

Not to mention, my weekly intention planner (free to download here) and all of the things I’ve got in the works, plus blog posts, Instagram and Tumblr posts, guest posts. It’s been a creative frenzy! (A non chaotic, blissfully organized-ish frenzy).

I intend that I help others with their self love and energy.

» I dunno if I helped anyone with their self love or energy but I know I have definitely inspired a few people and helped others in many ways.

I intend that energy and vibrations remain high for both myself and those I work with.

» Energy and vibrations have definitely been sky high for myself and everyone I encounter! It’s been a great journey!


I have everything within me to help others and improve upon our world.

February’s Intentions

I intend that I create a Twitter Chat.

I intend that I create an instagram detox challenge.

I intend that I grow my email list.

I intend that I build and create with a community focus.

I intend that I create more collaborations.

I intend that I blog more.


I am now open to receive both abundance and everything I need to create everything I dream of.

Stay Tuned

These are such exciting and high vibe intentions! My energy is surging just typing them out and I feel like I could run around the block smiling ear to ear like a crazy person!

Come check back next month to see if my intentions manifested (they almost always do) or sign up below and I’ll email you and tell you if they did or not!

Create your own intentions!

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