How to set Fall Intentions to jive with the Chakras

The Flow of Energy

I’ve decided to set some fall intentions. I set intentions daily for myself and my world already. I’ve been practising this for a while now and it’s really put empowerment into my life. Energy flows where focus goes and focusing on what I want to happen helps it to manifest.

Often we focus on the bad and what we don’t want to happen and since like attracts like, we actually end up manifesting even more negativity by doing this. You have to ignore the bad because anything more than that would be giving it attention, which is energy.

The bad doesn’t deserve your attention and it definitely doesn’t deserve your energy. Energy is an infinite yet limited resource that we have to put toward useful things like growing and getting things done. We don’t have any to spare for useless what nots.

Setting intentions helps us to keep our attention and energy where it needs to be as well as letting the universe know exactly what it is we’re wanting to happen. When we know exactly what it is we want to manifest, the universe can help us create it. Therefore, writing these intentions down helps you to figure things out and make some decisions about which direction you would like for things to go in.

Often we have a difficult time being clear and focused on what we want. We can tell you all day long the things we don’t want. It’s knowing what we do want that seems to be hard to do sometimes. Setting intentions helps.



Here’s an article on how to set intentions

Last month I started setting intentions for my business as well. The beautiful Kristen Jett inspired me to do so. I had never considered setting intentions for my business before. She has some great worksheets you can download that can help you set some for your business if you have one.

I wrote these intentions down on a piece of paper, tacked it to my vision board and forgot about it. See, our subconscious mind holds onto these intentions if we trust it to. That means our conscious mind doesn’t have to remember them and keep them close at hand to keep us pointed in that direction.

The whole month of August went by and I never looked at them hanging up on my board once. Since a new month just started, I thought about them again and how I should write some new ones for September. When I went and read over them again, every one of them had manifested throughout the past month.

August’s Intentions:

I intend that I inspire and Influence people’s lives for the better.

I intend that I feel at peace in my business, home life and inner self.

I intend that I put more of an effort towards my emails.

I intend that I connect with new amazing people every day and seek to serve them powerfully.

Affimation: I can have, be or do anything I wish by helping others have, be or do what they wish.

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Incorporating the Chakras

This month I decided to take it up a notch and incorporate the chakras and elements of fall. Instead of doing intentions month by month, why not make it a seasonal thing? I like chunking things together like that to make them more manageable anyway.

Woah. What? Chakras and elements of fall? What the hell am I talking about?

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Well, everything can be connected back to a chakra. It’s part of the whole, “we are all connected to each other and the universe” thing. Also, just as everything is made up of the same stuff, everything is also connected to an element. In this case, Fall’s element is earth. You can feel the earthiness when you walk outside. You can smell it in the air. It’s the month of harvest and comfort. When the air begins to cool and the leaves begin to change.

You have seven main chakras. Three upper spiritual, Three lower physical and one in the center connecting them.

Earth is a physical element, this means it’s connected to the lower, physical chakras. Your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Who’s colors also coincide to the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing seasons.

So if we would like to tune ourselves to the oneness of the universe and our world, creating intentions that jive with all of this is a step in that direction.

So let us look at each of the three lower chakras:

The root chakra is all about safety, security, abundance and stability.

The sacral chakra governs our feelings and creativity.

Our solar plexus chakra controls our energy, vibrance and success.

Take these meanings into account when forming your fall intentions around what you need in your life at the moment. Trust your intuition to guide you to where you want to be at the end of the season. Close your eyes, breathe and allow the intentions to flow to you naturally and effortlessly.

Shape them into what is most important for you and yours at this point and time in your life.

Here are my fall intentions for this season:

I intend that my business finds it’s stability.

I intend that we live in absolute abundance.

I intend that my creative juices continue to flow effortlessly.

I intend that I help others with their self love and energy.

I intend that energy and vibrations remain high for both myself and those I work with.


I have everything within me to help others and improve upon our world.

I‘d love to know your fall intentions for this season! Please feel free to comment below and tell me! I also set #intentionfortheday if you’d like to follow or add to that!

Best Vibes Always,




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