Embracing My Spirituality Helped Me Find Leadership

I Came From the Back Woods

I grew up in the bible belt of Alabama. Every Sunday my grandmother took me and my cousin to a Church of Christ. A Small, three roomed church in the woods with a gravel parking lot and a dirt road that led to it. If you’re unfamiliar with Church of Christ, I like to say it’s one step up from Pentecostal on the strictness scale. Women didn’t speak. We wore dresses and head coverings that looked like lace doilies balanced on our crowns. Music was forbidden and anything “unnatural” or “supernatural” was considered the work of the devil.

Long story, short, my interest in magic, psychics, mythical creatures and supernatural, mythical things of any sort was not accepted. Any speaking of such things was not scolded, exactly, but shushed and looked upon with narrowed eyes, a furrowed brow and a shake of the head from my mother. My father would become angry at the mention of any of it. 

This was a difficult life for me to live. The interest in such things never went away, though I felt I had to keep it hidden. In the twenty-first century I was afraid to share my beliefs at the thought of becoming more of an outcast than I already was (or possibly burned at the stake).

Magic Was Real

I was an adult before I learned of spirituality. Finally I had a name to the magic that haunted my life and mind. It wasn’t witchcraft, nor was it Satan led. It was light.

The same thing the religions were trying to teach but weren’t fully connecting people (me) with. Spirituality and religion can be as intertwined or as separate as you wish for them to be. Spirituality is not filled with rules and strictness but is instead pure freedom.

It’s embracing yourself and all of creation in this universe as magnificent and magical. Not flawed and broken but intricate and unique. Bazillions of snowflakes working together in a machine so complex that no one understands it by a fraction of it’s worth and yet it creates the world we live in.

An innumerable amount of pieces flawlessly and chaotically colliding and creating ripples throughout all of everything. Every piece both irreplaceably important yet so small that it doesn’t make or break any part of the machine.

Our World is Both Concrete and Abstract

Finding my spirituality gave me purpose. It gave me direction and fulfillment in a life that was lost and meaningless. It changed everything for me in the shortest amount of time. I’m completely unrecognizable to the person I was only a couple of years ago.

Our world has become too concrete. It’s become too focused on the physical and the clear cut undeniable facts. But facts are always changing. As science develops, we find out more about our universe and realize that we know even less than we ever thought we did. With every ground breaking, reality shattering discovery we learn that we know nothing of what there is to know.

We are not only a mind and a body but we are also a spirit. We can not cut off one third of who we are and expect to live a whole, fulfilling life.

Our own egos drive us to need concrete evidence when evidence is relative and subject to change in an instance.

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Awaken to Your Greatness

We desire stability, assurance in every aspect of our lives. Entrusting leaders who know very little more than you or I in the correct way to manage society and people’s lives.

They promise that all our needs will be met when the only ones who can meet our needs is ourselves. We look to rely on people who rely on people to look after them. The only people who can help us, is us.

Leaders are only leaders because they took the initiative when few else did.

My point is to become a leader yourself. Empower yourself to grow, learn and embrace who you are and all around you.

We can only create a better world for us all to live in when we start looking at ourselves first. When we stop hiding and fighting who we are, only then can we stop trying to fight and control who we believe others should be.

When I fully embraced who I was, I opened up doors I never saw were closed. As I embraced my spirituality instead of trying to repress it, all of my scars were healed.

The light helped me to stand up and lead where I had once sat in the shadows and allowed hate and judgement to ensue over myself and others. I was only suppressed because I allowed myself to be so. Not only by others, but by myself.

What about you do you need to embrace? What aspects of yourself are you suppressing?

Best Vibes Always,


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