The 2 Things I Did to Cure My Allergies

I spent most of my early 20s indoors. Locked away from the nature that I loved so much because it didn’t love me at all. I was plagued by allergies. I couldn’t spend 10 minutes outside without my eyes becoming itchy and red, watering or even swelling nearly shut. My sinus cavities became swollen, closed and runny. Sneezing was so incessant that I could hardly function. On more than one occasion I had to call into work because I was covered in red itchy hives.

It was a miserable life. People called my house “the cave” and that’s where I stayed, growing ever so pale and starved for fresh air and sunshine.

Like many, I accepted this as a part of my life. Living off of over the counter allergy medicine that would only help for a few days before I grew immunity to it. Nothing was working for me.

I suffered like this for many years until I began exploring nature’s cures for nature’s problems and I credit the almost complete cure of my allergies to 2 things:

I’ve been almost allergy free for some years. On extra pollen ridden days my eyes my get a little itchy and I may sneeze some but it’s nothing compared to what I use to have to deal with. I haven’t had to take medicine for it the first time (unless you count essential oils as medicine).

Essential is Putting it Mildly

I NEED my oils, and you’ll rarely find anyone who uses essential oils to not feel the same way. I found what people were calling an “Allergy Shot”, 1 drop of 3 different oils in a shot glass of water. When I decided to try it, it knocked out all of my symptoms semi-instantly. I had finally found my saving grace, I could breathe again! And it was the simplest thing in the world to whip up!

  • 1 drop lemon
  • 1 drop peppermint
  • 1 drop lavender

And throw it back!

I joined Doterra to get them at a discounted rate and found they had handy dandy capsules already made up for us allergy sufferers called TriEase. I’ve used that for the past two years (1 bottle has lasted me that long). It just makes something simple even easier.

Food Heals All Wounds

Well maybe not all of them, but a good bit of them. When I first started getting into the healthy, natural living flow of energy, I participated in tons of health summits. For months and months that’s all I did. Literally. I didn’t work cause I had quit my job when I was pregnant and I didn’t go back after my miscarriage because I was in limbo so this is what I filled the massive gaping hole in my life with.

You’d be surprised at how many reoccurring themes there are in natural healthcare. Most ailments (like allergies) can be prevented and cured with a simple diet change or two. I don’t have any specific, direct links to research where it says the words “Gluten free will eliminate your allergies” or anything (and of course, always do your own research on such things) but I can tell you that mine began to clear up when I started feeding my body properly.

My allergy shots were on an “as needed” basis and as I fed my body better and better, eliminating gluten and dairy, my need for my essential oils became less and less. As of this year, I took my TriEase capsules for about 2-3 weeks when pollen was super high and I haven’t needed them since.

Before, I was taking those over the counters on a religiously daily basis all spring, summer and into fall and STILL sneezing beyond functionality, unable to see and swelling up all red and itchy.

I finally got my life back.

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P.S. All natural, local honey also helps with soothing itchy throats and getting your body use to the pollen in your area of the world.

Best Vibes Always!


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