Types of articles accepted on Vannasana:

  • Inspirational or motivational stories and lessons
  • Anything on confidence, self esteem, self love or the like. We want people to know they’re not alone and how to conquer such things!
  • Anything on personal energy (not the electricity type) such as spirit, chakras, healing, etc
  • Self care & healthy habits (meditation, mindfulness, spirituality type stuff very welcome)
  • Think in terms of Mindset, Healthy Body and Spirituality (ya know, Mind Body Spirit stuff)
  • We love informative, world changing and positivity! Teach us something!


  • Must be between 600 – 2000 words. Enough to really explain, teach and inspire. But not so much that I don’t even wanna read the whole thing.
  • Must be unpublished anywhere else. Google gets mad if the same content is in 2 different places on the web and we must keep google happy.
  • You may republish article on your site after it is published on Vannasana only if you change the title and key word (SEO), provide a link at the bottom of the article where readers may read the original post on Vannasana.com. Something along the lines of “Read the original article where I had the honor of guest posting over at Vannasana where my wonderful friend Savannah teaches people how to find their confidence and manage their energy so that nothing holds them back in life. Follow her brilliance on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well!” would be both flatteringly appropriate and appreciated.
  • By submitting to guest post, you hereby assign the intellectual property rights, titles, and interests, including copyrights, of all content developed or prepared for Vannasana.com and its site owner.
  • Vannasana.com reserves the right to edit the article and the title, however we will ALWAYS credit you in the article as the creator of the brilliant content.
  • I will make the graphics myself, though you are welcome to suggest pictures to be used. One vertical, one horizontal.
  • Once you have submitted the article, allow 4 weeks for feedback from me before submitting to someone else or publishing on your own. Sometimes life gets busy. After 4 weeks have passed with no word, you may do with it as you please which includes resubmitting if you like.
  • You are welcome to include an opt in. If you choose not to, I may add my own.

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