Using the Chakra’s Colors to Heal & Manage Yourself; Mind, Body & Soul

I like to use the chakra’s colors in my day to day life to manage and balance my mood and help with anything I may be going through at the moment. Certain colors are tied to certain emotions and feelings. When we surround ourselves with a certain color, we become more connected to the emotion that the color is connected to. If we apply this to our everyday lives, we can influence our moods and feelings how we wish, making life smoother for everyone.

I do this by first pin pointing my problem and then assigning it to a chakra. From there, I’ll surround myself with the color of said chakra. Since everything is connected in the universe, everything can be connected to a chakra and the easiest representation of each chakra is their color.



Fall is a lot of people’s favorite season. The colors have a lot to do with this. The reds, oranges and yellows that surround us during this changing of the weather are colors that reflect the lower physical chakras. These chakras make us feel safe, secure, cozy and all of those other wonderfully warm feelings that we love so much. They help us feel grounded, in a world where we get so caught inside of our own heads, which releases stress and anxiety.

Likewise, the blues, greens and violets of spring make us feel free, alive, inspired, loved and connected to everything around us. These are all connected to the upper, spiritual chakras.

You have seven main chakras:

They also coordinate to the colors of the rainbow. Roy G. Biv to make things easy for you to remember.

Each Chakra governs certain aspects of who we are and supports certain things that we all need to thrive.

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Place Your Problem

Blue has always been my favorite color. I’ve always, always completely surrounded myself with it. Everything I buy is always blue if it’s an option. And it really reflects in my personality as the throat chakra helps us to express ourselves. Something that a lot of people would argue I overly do. Haha.

Balance is important, though, as we need all of our chakras to work in equal harmony for us to be emotionally and physically healthy.

A brief overview of what each chakra aids in, helping you place your problem (Click on a chakra to get more information on the chakra and more ways to heal it):

Root Chakra: Safety, Security, Stability, Grounded

Sacral Chakra: Feelings, Emotions, Belonging, Creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra: Energy, Success, Motivation

Heart Chakra: Love for both Yourself and Others

Throat Chakra: Expression of Self, Identity, 

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, Instincts

Crown Chakra: Spirituality, Connection to a Higher Power

We need all of our chakras in equal harmony for us to be emotionally & physically healthy Click To Tweet

Engulf Yourself in Color

Once you identify which category your problem falls into, you can coordinate your colors. I like to wear a green shirt if I’m feeling unloved or a red one if my anxiety is acting up. Yellow if I’m having trouble getting things done or if I’m tired.

You can also use this when you’re painting your house. For example, Yellow is a great color for the bathroom, since that’s where you get ready to go places, it will get you awake and energizedIf you have a meditation room, purple will help you feel connected to your higher being and purpose. Green is a good color for the family room which should be filled with love.  This also closely resembles the practice of Feng Shui when it comes to colors.

You can coordinate the colors however you feel is good for you and your life. Use them everywhere and take into account their meanings when doing so.

A Rainbow Meditation with the Chakra’s Colors

There is also a color meditation I like to do. When you get comfortable and still, focus on your breathing. Start with the root chakra. Breathe in it’s red color and see it fill your entire body. Feel it’s comfort, security and safety. Breathe out and allow all the stress, anxiety or fear you may be holding onto leave you with the breath.

Next, the sacral chakra. As you breathe in the orange, it too, fills your body. As it encompasses your entire being, you can feel yourself open to the creativity you are capable of and any emotions you have balance out to leave only peace and happiness. Breathe out, releasing any negativity and stuckness you may have had.

Breathe in with the Yellow of the solar plexus chakra. Warm and vibrant like the sun. You are capable of anything that your heart desires. You can find a way to everything you dream of if you choose to do so. Breathe out any thoughts or feelings of self doubt or defeat. You are brilliant.

Green fills you next with the chakra of the heart. It develops you in a cocoon of love. You feel an overwhelming amount of love. It feels amazing and warm. You are loved from every direction. You feel all of the love in the world. All that everyone has and that you yourself have for others and things. You allow this love in and to fill you. It’s all you’ve ever wanted. You feel how lovable you are and love yourself for it. breathe out any negative feelings you may have had for yourself and others. There is only room for love here.

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Blue starts to fill you as you breathe in with thoughts of the throat chakra. You know who you are and what you love. You will express yourself and your desires. You will allow all that you wish for to come into being because you are brilliant and unique and deserve all that life has to offer. Breathe out any suppressed feelings. You are free to be you. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You are good enough.

You breathe in indigo now. It fills your entire being, strengthening your third eye chakra. You are now more connected to your intuition. You trust what it has to tell you and you trust it’s guidance. It will lead you to exactly where you need to be at all times. It has your best interest at heart and you now allow it to guide you. Exhale any struggle, doubt or distrust you have in yourself. You are now one with your thoughts and feelings.

Last, we inhale violet. A beautiful Purple that overflows and encapsulates us through the chakra above our crown. It connects us to our higher self. The higher power and our purpose in this life. We are one with it, ourselves and our universe. We are all connected to it and to each other. We allow it’s satisfying energy to come into us and we allow our own to give to it. We know we have a calling to help our world by whatever means we have available to us. Exhale any stress, fear, doubt or negativities you may still have. You are whole and you are magnificent.  

Take these thoughts, ideas and methods I have given you today and make them your own. The meditation can be as long and detailed or as short and simple as you like for it to be. The most important part is taking in the good and releasing the bad. Use color as another tool in your everyday life to help and heal you.

Best Vibes, Always


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