Happy July! June Reflections + Intending With the Cancer New Moon

Happy Cancer New Moon!

The new moon starts the new lunar cycle. It’s a great time to set new intentions for what you want to manifest this month. Month being the duration of the cycle 29.5 day lunar cycle and not the first day of the new month until the last day of it.

Syncing our intentions to the energy of the moon gives them more energy to come into being and connects us more to the world we live in, something we always want to be striving to do more of.

Setting your intentions to that of the zodiac the new moon happens to be in, gives them even more to run off of! Think, alignment with not only yourself but the stars as well! For example, this is a Cancer new moon. It rules family, feelings, security, protection. Think: Motherly love. What intentions can you set around these Cancer new moon elements? Cancer is also ruled by the moon, making all of this extra powerful.

I’ll set mine below, but first, reflection:

June’s Intentions

I intend that I be published by Mind Body Green

This happened TWICE! Gotta love the power of intention setting. Here they are:

I intend that I sign a new client or two. (If you’re interested in 1 on 1 coaching with me, email me: Savannah@Vannasana.com)

Didn’t do this. Things really slowed down this past month as we’ve had a surprise extension to our family manifesting! Which means I haven’t felt my best. (You gotta act surprised when the announcement is official!)

Therefore, I’ve still got a couple of spots open for coaching. Email me if you’re interested in escalating your manifestations!

I intend that I do some resting, relaxing and enjoying life.

Did that! To the fullest. We’ve had several grill outs, pool parties and even went kayaking one weekend. In between all of that I’ve done possibly way too much lying on the couch haha.

I intend that I edit some pages and old posts.

Did that. Not extensively but it’s a slow, ever developing process. I edited the about page a bit and this post:

I intend that I focus on minimalism.

I’ve slowly been chipping away at my book “Minimalism: Live a meaningful life” and all the stuff in my house. There’s still a long way to go but space is opening up tremendously already and it feels wonderful. I feel like I can breathe better!

I intend that I eat less meat.

I have definitely accomplished that. I haven’t knocked it out completely, like I said in a post not too long ago, I dunno if I ever will. But I have cut out a ton more which is extra awesome since I was already at meatless most days haha. I have had some help though, with handy dandy food aversion.

I intend that I get some projects around the house at least in the works.

I’m not sure what specific projects I had in mind when I intended this. We have further discussed painting the laundry room. I did get the back porch scrubbed which was something I was wanting done. In other developments, we bought my husband a truck, potty trained our kid AND got him to start sleeping in his own bed so overall, we’ve been accomplishing a lot!

I intend that I learn more about crystals.

I learned a bit, nothing significant. I did some reading on it but I have to put things into practice for them to stick, which means I learn about a crystal extensively when I get a new one. So my most recent learning has been about fluorite, which might be my favorite, I dunno. I love it.


I am in complete alignment with my true and higher being. Only that which aligns enters my life & all that doesn’t is released

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Recap of this month’s posts:

July’s Intentions

I intend that my patience, ambition and self motivation out weigh the hormones that have me acting not myself.

I intend that our beach trip is peaceful, harmonious, fun, fulfilling and only positive.

I intend that I get all perfect and wonderful marks at all of my upcoming appointments.

I intend that I put together some more freebies for you guys.

I intend that I get some cleaning and organizing done around the house.

I intend that I simply work on more edits and refinements.


My family and I are provided for abundantly and excessively.

What are your intentions for this month?! Tell me in the comments below!

Best Vibes Always,


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