You’re a free thinker and an even freer spirit

Independent and highly intelligent

You’ve chosen to lead a life of positivity and personal growth.

But it’s so hard to stay zen when your stressed out because the kids have been acting crazy and work is being demanding. Not to mention all of these chores that have backed up a little with all of the extra that’s been going on lately. You’re doubting this law of attraction thing you keep reading about because that cleaning lady you’ve been trying to manifest still hasn’t shown up.

Eating right, practicing yoga and meditation, all of these things you’ve been learning about (that you know would help make your life easier and better) are harder than those people and books make them out to be. Where do they find the time to master all of these practices?

And your family’s not making it ANY easier since they don’t understand you and the choices you make in an effort to be a better influence on them and your children while trying not to add to the mass of chaos and destruction in the world. How can they not see how toxic everything around us is? Why does simple ethics seem like such a hard concept for them?

How can you focus on self care when it’s causing tension in your relationships? How can you focus on growth and inner peace when there’s all of these bills that need to be paid and things that need to be repaired and bought?


How can you live this amazing life the way it’s SUPPOSED to be lived without all of this friction? How can you find balance between all of these important life aspects? Without ANY of them being neglected?

Close your eyes (but not really cause you have to read, right), get comfortable in your seat, sink into it, breathing deeper and deeper. You feel your whole body relax. And paint a picture with me.

It’s morning and you wake up easily, your eyes don’t hurt because you got a great nights sleep. The fresh morning sun and air greet you and your ecstatic simply to get started on this beautiful day. You peacefully enjoy your morning routine and get to work with high vibes and joyous thoughts.

Why are you so gosh darn happy? Because you are filled with the most powerful energy in the universe: Love. Love for yourself, your life and everyone you hold dear to you. All of your relationships with the people in your life are running smoothly and respectfully. Ya’ll seem to be a well oiled machine and you can’t remember why there was ever any sort of friction. Was there ever? Who cares, everything’s great now. You have the support, love and respect you always wanted.

Everything is running smoothly in your life. Your finances are secure and stable. You live comfortably and everything you desire manifests easier than it ever did before. Stressing over money is a thing in your forgotten past. Life is abundant in all ways.

You balance your personal, professional and home lives effortlessly. Finding time to practice all of your self care, spend time with others as well as create and learn things that set your soul on fire with passion. It fills you up entirely, you no longer face any of the emptiness or unsatisfaction with life that once held you back.

Every night you go to sleep excited to start the day over again tomorrow! You think to yourself, “I wonder what awesome things the universe has in store for me tomorrow?!” as you drift easily and peacefully to sleep.

This could be you. Meeting every moment of every day joyfully. I know because this is how my life looks and I know how to help you create it in your own.

Bringing balance to ourselves, creates more balance in the world.

You see, the problems in your life have never been a result of the outside world. We are met with exactly what we put out into the universe. Our outside world reflects our inside world.

It’s not our fault though, by any means. We didn’t realize that we needed to clear the problem causing blocks we’ve been carrying around for our entire lives. It’s not exactly something they teach you in school (although they should). This knowledge, although ancient, has been lost to the common ideas of society since we began moving away from the spirituality of ourselves and became more focused on the physical.

Through learning to connect all three aspects of ourselves; mind, body and spirit, and balancing them through energy work, we can become the best version of ourselves. This means living the best life we can live and in turn, having a more positive influence on the world around us.


  • What your unique energy blocks are and how to heal them
  • What each chakra governs in your life, personality and body
  • Which chakras are effecting aspects of your life such as money, stability, success
  • Your own unique story for each chakra
  • How to heal and upkeep your chakras so you stay balanced
  • Intention setting sections to keep you on track with your goals
  • Meditations to help you connect to your chakras
  • Great insights into yourself and the world you live in
  • Ancient, life changing knowledge to help you improve every aspect of your life

We’ll cover:

  • Energy Flow and Energy Blocks
  • Your own unique story for each chakra both past and present
  • Various techniques for clearing and healing chakra damage
  • Mindset work
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Trust in your self, intuition and instincts

Side effects of this program may include:

  • Improved Relationships
  • Better financial control
  • Enhanced Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Less stress
  • Easier Manifesting

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  • 9 weeks of personalized, one on one coaching through Facebook messenger, emails and Trello
  • You’ll get worksheets to answer so I can get a feel for you, where your at and where we’re going
  • Your own personalized Trello board with weekly tasks, goals and training as needed! (Not familiar with Trello? No worries. We’ll work it out)
  • Affirmations and mindset coaching to help you demolish all of the problems that hold you back
  • Everything moves at your pace. If we need extra time on some sections and less on others, we’ll work though it accordingly.

Week 1:

  • We’ll get to know each other.
  • You’ll do an assessment to tell me:
    • Where you’re at
    • What your goals are
    • What your specific problems are
    • What you know
    • Etc
  • We’ll discuss energy flow
    • What it has to do with everything
    • How you can better manage the energy in your life

Week 2:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Root Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Root Chakra blocks

The Root Chakra influences:

  • Finances
  • Anxiety
  • Stability
  • Relationships

Week 3:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Sacral Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Sacral Chakra blocks

The Sacral Chakra influences:

  • Creativity
  • Emotions

Week 4:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Solar Plexus Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Solar Plexus Chakra blocks

The Solar Plexus Chakra influences:

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Physical Energy

Week 5:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Heart Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Heart Chakra blocks

The Heart Chakra influences:

  • Relationships
  • Self Love
  • Love for/from others

Week 6:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Throat Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Throat Chakra blocks

The Throat Chakra influences:

  • Self Expression
  • Empowerment
  • Living/speaking ones truth

Week 7:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Third Eye Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Third Eye Chakra blocks

The Third Eye Chakra influences:

  • Intuition
  • Inner knowing
  • Psychic abilities
  • Trust

Week 8:

  • We’ll explore your own personal Crown Chakra story
  • We’ll pin point any blocks you have that may be effecting areas of your life
  • We’ll begin clearing your Crown Chakra blocks

The Crown Chakra influences:

  • Spirituality
  • Connection to others/ self/ higher power
  • Inner wisdom
  • Peace

Week 9:

In this last week, we’ll

  • Wrap everything up real neat like.
  • Review how things are and how they’ve changed.
  • Address any straggling blocks that may not want to clear.
  • Lay out a map of how to continue improving

There are many ways we are thrown off balance. Situations and circumstances that we encounter in life, people’s comments and opinions about us, our lives and the world, our own belief systems and judgement of ourselves, everyone and everything. Everything we encounter that is outside of us creates blocks and scars within our energy flow that throws us off. Creating physical ailments, mental road blocks and even negative manifestations in our life.

Keeping proper energy flow throughout your body is important to restoring balance but pin pointing which chakras are responsible for your problems and ailments can be
hard. Although they each have their own responsibilities, they blend into one another.

As an example, you’ll see aspects of both the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra in the Sacral Chakra. If you’re new to the chakras, it can be difficult to differentiate them from one another.

As a rule of thumb, you should go through each one in order, clearing them whether you sense any problems within them or not. It’s an upkeep thing. Very rarely do we have any chakras that are 100% clear so even if it seems fine, it never hurts to do a sweep through.

Tending to each one keeps proper balance within them all and thus, creates balance in our personal, home and professional lives. Unfortunately, the nature of life these days is unbalanced, which means we have to continuously make balancing ourselves a priority.

I’ve designed a coaching program to help you clear and balance your chakras! A one on one personalized program specific to you and your needs. Tending to your chakras and thus, balancing your entire life doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. Together, we can make it simple.

Balancing My Chakras Changed My Life

I’ve overcome so many issues in such a small amount of time and I credit it all to my drive for personal balance in my chakras. As I’ve cleared each one and the blocks that resided there (some the size of boulders), positive ripples flowed into every aspect of my life. My relationships with family and friends became better, stronger and more connected. My business grew with ease. I found inner peace and pure happiness. I’m energized and healthier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

Blocks I’ve cleared:

  • Scarcity Issues with both Money and Love
  • Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Zero Confidence
  • Grudges & Hate that had been there most of my life
  • Suppressed Spirituality
  • Suppressed Creativity
  • Suppressed Intuition, Gifts
  • Intimacy Problems
  • Self Expression, (I couldn’t stand up for myself)

Each block you clear will feel like a weight has been lifted. It will remove obstacles in areas of your life that you never even realized were present. Of course, life is always creating more blocks within us as we encounter situations and circumstances in life. Regular reflection and evaluations can keep them clear and in check. Clearing them before they grow too big is always best. It’s easier to fix a problem before it really becomes a problem.

Best Vibes Always, S.S.Blake

Respect Gained

“The first thing that I was taken by was her beautiful and bubbly personality, she greeted me with such warm acceptance and understanding. What really resonated with me was her ability to relate to my circumstance in every way and make me feel at ease to discuss my problems. More importantly, she created a safe and private place for me to express my emotions.
What a great listener! In her replies, I could tell she had a brilliant fountain of knowledge and was able to tap into that but also relay the information in an understandable way.
We got to talking and Savannah was able to instantly come up with a brilliant plan for me to do what I love as a day job and still pursue my dream. By that I mean she had already analyzed my strengths, providing me with a goal to achieve that takes advantage of those strengths. I was amazed because it was a strength I hadn’t ever paid attention to.
~ Sometimes it takes the keen eye of another to spot them and help you nurture them to it’s fullest potential. ~
This is what Savannah has helped and continues to help me achieve. So excited for the future and to be working with her.

Thanks to her guidance & awesome networking skills, I am proud to say that, with regards to the strength I mentioned, I’ve just landed my First client this week! And have also just received payment not once but twice! Woooohooo! A fantastic start to something with endless imagepossibilities!

I am and will always be beyond grateful for her unique brand of empowerment and coaching.
I sincerely & highly recommend Savannah S. Blake as a Life Coach.
Don’t wait, empower yourself today! Amazing opportunities await just beyond your horizon, let her help you discover them.”

Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

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