April Reflections + May Intentions

April’s Intentions

I intend that I redo/edit/revamp some pages on the site

I did! I revamped several pages including the “About” page, Chakra Enchanter and Time Alchemist.

I intend that I learn about the phases of the moon and incorporate that energy into my life & business

I did! Not all of the phases but the most important ones like setting intentions during the new moon for what you want to manifest during the new lunar cycle and then rituals for the full moon! Connecting with things like this, parts of the universe, helps me to feel more connected, in alignment and flowing with the energy all around me. This all helps me to stay in balance with all aspects of myself and my life so that I may live easily, effortlessly and peacefully.

I intend that my son have the best birthday party that flies without a hitch!

Wow. It was such a great party. So much so that we sat around and talked about it for days. We want to start doing more get togethers like that on all occasions! Maybe potluck though. haha

I intend that I at least get my chakra tattoos in the works.

Well I did indeed get them in the works. I sketched out what I want (highly satisfied with it) and I emailed the artist I want to do it, she never answered (perhaps mercury retrograde at work there) so I’ll have to work a little bit harder at getting in touch with her. I just hate calling people. Is that just me?

I intend that I master forearm stand.

I didn’t. I did focus more on trying, though. My intentions were to start practicing at home so I could get it but every time I get in the floor to do some yoga my toddler gets excited and climbs all over me. Fine for regular, not hugely impressive yoga, not ideal for balancing on one’s head. haha. Maybe this month.

I intend that I get my stress levels under control

Gosh, I did. Shifu (my tai chi instructor) taught me some techniques to aid in keeping your cool in butt kicking situations which help in every day situations as well. That’s helped a lot plus I took this past month off to chill, reflect and align. I feel amazingly better, I spent the past couple of months focused on releasing and I think I finally released some major tension points. *Dances*


Life is Magical if I choose for it to be.

May Intentions

I intend that I work harder on mastering the forearm stand.

I intend that I have my chakra tattoos.

I intend that all of my worries be released and I hold eternal peace in my heart.

I intend that all of my desires manifest easily and effortlessly.

I intend that I soak up all the wonderful weather that is presented to me.

I intend that I get all of the work done for my new project “30 days of self care” easily, effortlessly and joyfully. (P.S. sign up below to be notified when that launches)

I intend that #SaveSomethingSunday touch hearts and inspire change.

I intend that I have some new yoga outfits.

I intend I record some videos! (tell me in the comments what you want to see content on!)


If I am peaceful within, my life will reflect peace. As within, so without.

Best Vibes Always, S.S.Blake

What are your May intentions?! Tell me in the comments below!

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