100 Things to Stop Denying Yourself for Abundance Manifesting

The Art of Allowance

The only thing truly standing in the way of us having, doing and being everything that we desire is ourselves. It’s important to know and fully understand that. We’re all denying ourselves something. Often, things that could propel our success or progress if we would only allow it into our lives. Seemingly minor things in some cases, grand things in others.

We fail to live in the bigger picture. Grand things are not accomplished by grand gestures but are pieced together by small everyday things and choices, adding up to create something enormous in the end. To accomplish all that we desire to do, have and be we must know what OUR bigger picture is. Focus on IT and what can get us to IT. Allow other battles to fall to other people who have claimed those battles as their own.

To create our ideal selves and lives, we must learn to allow ourselves to have, do & be things that may seem or feel, less than ideal. Such is the nature of life. We aren’t meant to be perfect because we can’t do ALL of the things. We can only do lots of the things per lifetime. In only one lifetime, all we can hope for is to make progress and do our best.

Even though I fully understand this concept, I still struggle with denying myself things. I deny myself soda water because it comes in plastic bottles. Fight internal battles between organic food and zero waste, vegan and gluten free, a healthy child and a happy family. I can’t do it all. It’s a constant choice between denying something & allowing another. Life is a battle. We have to choose which ones help us win OUR war and leave the others to be fought by those who are better prepared for such terrains.

Denience of Abundance

The most common form of denying ourselves things is that of abundance. We deny ourselves time in the morning to meditate or eat breakfast. We deny ourselves a new outfit, rug or bedding because of this reason or that. Skipping the long luxurious bath at night for a quick, nothing special, every day type of shower instead. This is all sending the universe vibrations of lack. Because, afterall, we’re denying ourselves these things because of time, money, sustainability or self deservance.

We think we’re being strong, kind or caring. Putting others before ourselves, saving the Earth, cutting back on our carbon footprint, I mean, after all, doesn’t it make me all zen and saintlike to sacrifice worldly desires and deny myself luxuries? Isn’t it selfish for me to want to want all of these things?

No, Love, it only brings down your vibes and sends the wrong messages to the universe. It’s anti-manifesting.

When you deny yourself things, you’re coming from a place of lack. Since like attracts like, this is only going to bring about more lack. . If you want to live an abundant life, you have to come from a place of abundance. You have to trust that the universe will provide for you. Your mantra must be things like, “There’s always more where that came from.” or “There’s plenty to go around for everyone!” or even, “It’s ok to leave that battle to someone else.”

When you deny yourself things (even self care), you’re telling the universe is that you aren’t ready for more. If you deny it to yourself, why would the universe bring it to you?

The Mindset of More

To invite more into your life, you have to figure out how to stop denying yourself things. This means taking your old, false & limiting beliefs, shredding them up, throwing them out and adopting new, fresh, abundant and self serving beliefs!

Allowing yourself to take better care of yourself is going to help you to feel better, which means taking care of others and the world better, easier and more effortlessly. Allowing yourself to buy something new every now and again is going to raise your vibrations, invite more abundance into your life and set the standards for what you want the universe to bring you. Investing in yourself is going to show the universe that you’re serious about what you want and ready for it to come into being.

Give Yourself Permission to:

  1. Put yourself first
  2. Take a break
  3. Rest
  4. Do less
  5. Do more
  6. Leave
  7. Stay
  8. Forgive
  9. Move on
  10. Do what you want
  11. Be who you want
  12. Chase your dreams
  13. Live simply
  14. Live luxuriously
  15. Be rich
  16. Change
  17. Stay the same
  18. Be different
  19. Love
  20. Be kind
  21. Do what’s right
  22. Go for it
  23. Be brave
  24. Be strong
  25. Be a warrior
  26. Be a hero
  27. Share your story
  28. Share your knowledge
  29. Share your opinion
  30. Take up that hobby
  31. Make money from something you love
  32. Protect your energy
  33. Let go of toxic people
  34. Let go of the past
  35. Be your own person
  36. Be free
  37. Change your mind
  38. Make your own decisions
  39. Change jobs/careers
  40. Go back to school
  41. Learn that thing
  42. Do that thing
  43. Go
  44. Embrace yourself
  45. Love yourself
  46. Stand up for yourself
  47. Say no
  48. Not explain yourself
  49. Go to the spa
  50. Get your nails/toes/ hair done
  51. Splurge
  52. Save
  53. Make it special
  54. Make it important
  55. Celebrate
  56. Do what makes you happy
  57. Buy the thing
  58. Invest in yourself
  59. Think outside the box
  60. Be creative
  61. Help others
  62. Stand for a cause
  63. Go vegan
  64. Eat meat
  65. Live waste free
  66. Throw something in the trash
  67. Meditate
  68. Take your time
  69. Do nothing
  70. Stay up late
  71. Sleep in
  72. Be crazy
  73. Act silly
  74. Be yourself
  75. Sing
  76. Dance
  77. Cry
  78. Talk about it
  79. Express your feelings
  80. Say yes
  81. Be happy
  82. Block them
  83. Do what’s best for you
  84. Outgrow people
  85. Explore yourself
  86. Be magical
  87. Live magically
  88. Relax
  89. Do what you need to do
  90. Do what doesn’t make sense to others
  91. Dream big
  92. Be impractical
  93. Invent a new way
  94. Blur the lines
  95. Create your own method
  96. Trust yourself
  97. Trust the universe
  98. Trust the process
  99. Manifest your desires
  100. Believe you deserve it
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Set Some Intentions!

Mine: I intend that I will no longer deny myself that which will help me in my battles.

I intend that I will no longer stress over the fact that I cannot be perfect.

I intend that I am doing my best in everything I desire to do and that my mindfulness is enough.

I intend that I trust in myself, the universe & the process and believe that I am enough.

What are your intentions? What do you need to release? Allow? Stop denying? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments.

Best Vibes Always, S.S.Blake

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